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kom·bu·cha - an ancient probiotic elixir made from fermented tea


Our Story

KrafTea Kombucha begins with our own unique blend of sweetened organic tea.  After a few weeks of fermentation with a kombucha culture, the sweet tea is completely transformed into a tart, lightly carbonated, low-alcohol drink.  To that we add the best flavorings we can find.  Fresh-pressed ginger juice, additional organic teas, 100% juices, just to name a few.  Because we do not modify or filter our kombucha after the initial fermentation, the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins and probiotics are maintained. The result is that, unlike most kombuchas on the market, our kombucha contains a small amount of natural alcohol from the fermentation process.  While the amount varies according to factors such as flavoring, age, and temperature, it is approximately 2% ABV.

KrafTea Kombucha is all-natural, gluten-free, and produced locally in Worcester, Massachusetts.  

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Interested in carrying our product at your store or restaurant?  Contact Matthew Glidden, Brewer, at

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Q&A About Our New Brewery

Where are you going?

KrafTea is moving to the historic Sprinkler Factory building, at 38 Harlow St. Worcester.  If you haven’t been there, it’s worth a visit. We’ll be neighbors with a number of creative businesses, as well as the Artists Group at the Sprinkler Factory gallery and event space. Check it out

When will the new brewery be open?

It’s hard to predict the timetable of work and inspections, but we hope to have the build-out finished within the next few weeks, at which point we can begin brewing.  

Will we be able to visit?

Eventually, yes, but our first priority is getting the brewing process up and running (SCOBYs can’t be rushed) so that we can keep supplying our customers.  Then we will work on making the brewery ready for company.

Will we be able to buy growlers at the new brewery?

YES!  Once we get the brewery up and running we will have published hours for tastings and growler sales/exchanges.

Will we still be able to buy KrafTea at 3Cross?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of alcohol regulations in Massachusetts, farmer brewers can only sell what is made on premise.  

Where will I be able to buy KrafTea in the meantime?

KrafTea will still be available at our retail outlets.  In Worcester, KrafTea by the bottle is available at Mass Liquors and Ed Hyders Mediterranean Marketplace.  We will keep the list on our website updated with our current retail locations.

How can I get the most up to date information on KrafTea’s move?

Check out our website, and sign up for our email list here.  We promise not to email too often, but it’s the most reliable way for us to reach our customers with important news (like this).

What if I want to sell KrafTea Kombucha or know a place that would be a great fit for your product?

Once we’re back to brewing, we’ll be ready to take on new clients.  Contact and he’ll be happy to discuss it with you.