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kom·bu·cha - an ancient probiotic elixir made from fermented tea


Our Story

KrafTea Kombucha begins with our own unique blend of sweetened organic tea.  After a few weeks of fermentation with a kombucha culture, the sweet tea is completely transformed into a tart, lightly carbonated, low-alcohol drink.  To that we add the best flavorings we can find.  Fresh-pressed ginger juice, additional organic teas, 100% juices, just to name a few.  Because we do not modify or filter our kombucha after the initial fermentation, the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins and probiotics are maintained. The result is that, unlike most kombuchas on the market, our kombucha contains a small amount of natural alcohol from the fermentation process.  While the amount varies according to factors such as flavoring, age, and temperature, it is approximately 2% ABV.

KrafTea Kombucha is all-natural, gluten-free, and produced locally in Worcester, Massachusetts.  

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